Stay On Top With Online Scheduling

There's an old saying in business - “time is money”. Corporate business travelers need their business flights to be as efficiently scheduled as their own business calendars. The same holds true for business aircraft operators and pilots, who know that staying on top of flight schedules, destination flight times and airport locations is vital to running a successful business. Keeping track of all the important details and maintaining communication among all the parties involved can be made simpler and more efficient with online scheduling software.

With online scheduling, pilots can check their schedules on the go - at anytime and from anywhere. Whether using a PC, laptop or tablet, online scheduling helps put you in control of your schedule by keeping you up-to-date on flight times, aircraft availability and even new reservations and cancellations.

Advantages of online scheduling

  • Check aircraft availability and reservation
  • Shared calendar enhances coordination
  • Arrival times in the destination time zone help you calculate flight times
  • Keep track of reservation history and changes
  • Find nearest airport to any address with an airport lookup tool
  • Keep track of changes and updates with email notifications
  • Store essential passenger documentation

All of the online scheduling tools work together to help you streamline your flight calendar and stay in control. Online scheduling makes it possible to fully coordinate schedules between executives, secretaries and pilots. Providing up-to-date information on flight schedules and maintaining communication with corporate travel customers is key to ensuring their satisfaction with your service. And satisfied customers become loyal customers.

At My Jet Schedule, we offer easy to use software that will help pilots and business aircraft operators create that coordination and trust between your company and your corporate travel customers. Start your free 45-day trial today.