Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes international travel for business and pleasure. According to a recent report from Blue Sky News, the top two private jet destination airports in 2013 are Russia and France. Private jet ownership is as much about freedom as it is about convenience; what is your travel destination this summer? Will you spend these sun soaked months sipping cappuccinos in Parisian cafes, exploring the winding streets of Saint Petersburg, or one of these other top 5 destinations?


For 1,000 years Moscow has proudly stood as the capital city of Russia, a country rich in history, architecture, and culture. If you are scheduling a flight to Moscow, you will be landing at Vnukovo Airport, located 27 kilometers from the city center. At an altitude of 205 meters, flights can arrive and depart even with low visibility. Interestingly, Vnukovo airport requires 10-to-20 minutes less flight time for flights approaching from the west and southwest direction than other Moscow-based airports.


Known for its azure waters and pristine beaches, Nice is a premiere private jet destination for the French Riviera. The Nice Cote d’Azure airport is located 4 miles west of the city center. Only Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports claim more visitors in France. Are you planning a trip to Monaco? You may choose to fly into this airport as well. While in Nice, we recommend exploring its many museums, restaurants, beaches, and surrounding countryside.


If the south of France isn’t in your travel plans, perhaps you’ll enjoy a visit north to Paris, France’s largest metropolis. A bustling destination for more than 2,000 years Paris remains one of the world’s most important cities in business, culture, fashion, technology, and politics. Private jet travelers arrive at Paris–Le Bourget Airport located 7 miles north of Paris. Founded in 1919, Le Bourget was the city’s first and only airport until 1932. When you land at Le Bourget note that you are in good company; Charles Lindbergh completed his famous transatlantic flight at Le Bourget in 1927.


Nearby, in Geneva, Switzerland, travelers have made Geneva Airport—formerly Cointrin Airport—the number 4 international private jet destination. Located 3 miles northwest of Geneva, the airport does not require passengers to undergo Swiss customs procedures if they arrive from France and stay in the French area of the airport. Interestingly, the airport features Switzerland’s longest single concrete runway at 12,795 feet. As the second largest city in Switzerland, Geneva has a large variety of attractions to offer visitors including picturesque lakes, beaches, and hiking.


Since its beginnings in 1703 until today, Saint Petersburg—Russia’s second largest city—has been a popular destination for tourism and business travelers. Largely considered one of the most highly westernized cities in Russia, Saint Petersburg is recognized for its contributions to art, culture, and finance.

A testament to the cities growing popularity, Pulkovo airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Russia, located only 12 miles from Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1932 under the name “Shosseinaya,” after a nearby railway station, the airport famously served as the skyway bridge between Russia’s first capital city to its new capital, Moscow.
Visitors should make time to explore The Hermitage, one of the largest art museums in the world.

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